Travel and The Americas (2006)09 Nov 2006 11:50 pm

Amazing how colours bias us. A dark, grey New York and a bright, blue-skied New York are two totally different cities. My first day here was cold and wet, and were it not for the company, it would have been thoroughly unpleasant. Today, though, has been beautiful. Sunny, warm, blue blue skies with a slight breeze to rustle up the autumnal leaves scattered along the sidewalks. I can’t wait until Beijing realizes that pollution is to standard of living, as skid-marks are to… never mind.

new york bear
ironic cuz nyc ain’t dat cuddly

Walking around New York doing touristy stuff, I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually quite like this city and could see myself living here. Which is a marked change from 2002. After 9/11, I decided that the States had become too, well, American. Flag-waving, horn-tooting stuff. Team America has been forced to eat some humble pie, and everything has come into perspective. Well, relatively, anyway. Made a trip down to Ground Zero. Moving, but not really. You get the feeling that after five years, something should be going on there. Instead it still looks like a construction lot. All the newspapers were headlining Rumsfeld’s resignation and with it the end of the so-called Bush Doctrine. Well, that’s phase one over, I remember pondering to myself, as well as thinking about those poor students who would have to answer inane A-Level questions on today’s front page story in a few years time. Living history sure is different than studying history.

ground zero
@ ground zero

Had a good lunch with a classmate from Cambridge in a deli just off Rockefeller Plaza. Nice. Everyone seems to be loving New York. Some in a down-to-earth kinda way, but others, especially the more local locals, like to be more aggressive about it. Either way, today, with the gorgeous skies as a backdrop, I finally understood this passion, muted or fired up, and have to admit that it is indeed, if not all that, at least some of that. Yo.

rumsfeld resigns
but still a very, very rich man

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